Family Stuff.

Hudson. {3}

My sweet little man just turned 3!

You are already sound asleep in your bed as I’m writing this. Which is odd, because almost every other night besides this one, you are in your bedroom talking to yourself, laughing, and being crazy, long after your brothers have fallen asleep. But I guess turning the big 3 has you all tuckered out tonight.

Speaking of sleep. You still love it, more than your brothers ever have. You like to steal momma’s side of the bed in the middle of the night, but that’s ok, because I’m loving every snuggle I can get at this age.


This year has been so fun with you. You continue to make us all laugh on the daily. Always playing, smiling, laughing, and forever making silly faces. One of your favorite silly faces is this scrunched up face you have made since you were a baby.

Your favorite books to read this year were your “That’s not my….. _________” books. You love all the textures on each page. For the first few months after getting them, you carried them with you everywhere we went.

We said good-bye to diapers this year, except at night. We started potty training thinking you probably wouldn’t want to do it, but you caught on quickly and have done super well since!

You have taken off with talking. You have come out of your shy “shell.” If someone makes eye contact with you, you will chat up a storm with them about your kitty, your new shoes, your favorite toy, or what you did that day. You used to be quiet and weren’t fond of people you didn’t know, that’s changed a bit. You’re definitely a people person! I can’t wait to see what kind of friends you make as you get older, I think you will draw in a fun crowd of kiddos.

You still love GummyBear pup. I don’t think you’ll ever tire of him. You ask to take him with you every time we leave the house, and when you go to bed. You also still like to sleep with your “effalunt” (elephant) blanket every night. It’s the same one you’ve had since you were just a couple months old. The elephants are incredibly faded, and the blankie is gaining some good-sized holes, but you love it anyway!

You have loved pockets ever since you realized they exist. Which is pretty funny. You put your hands in your pockets whenever you can, and even went through a phase where you would come up to me every day, stick you hand in my pocket and say “I got yo pocket mom!”

You have this thing about stealing my coffee if I leave it unattended. You think you’re pretty funny when you do it too, It makes me laugh!


You love music, dancing, singing, jumping on the trampoline, building legos (you’re finally old enough to realize they aren’t candy, ha!) You like to help put dishes away. Your favorite color is currently red (after my own heart!), You don’t obsess over superheroes as much as your bros did at this age- though you still thoroughly enjoy them- , but instead you really seem to enjoy your stuffed animal friends and coloring.

One thing I really loved seeing you do this year, is telling your stuffed friends Bible Stories. You would sit them in front of you, or on your lap, and tell them the story of how God created the world.  It makes my heart overflow with joy to hear my baby already believing and “preaching” the Truth of God. I can’t wait to teach you more of Him and I pray you always have this sweet belief in His promises.


You still love Mickey Mouse. For your 1st & 2nd Birthdays we got you a Mickey Mouse balloon, so we decided to carry on the tradition for at least one more year. You’ve been toting it around since we picked it up at Wal-Mart.

We love you kid. Looks like year 3 is the last one to enjoy your tiny, chubby, toddler-ness, before you transform into a big kid… I’m excited for it. You are such a sweet blessing to our family, and I am continually thanking God for allowing me to be your momma. He is so very good to us.  I love you sweet boy.

♥ Momma

Happy Birthday Spud.  January 26, 2018.


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